Jun 19, 2007

What's Your Story?

This blog is all about your struggles against hijab. The sad ones, the happy ones, and the ones where you felt you could no longer go on wearing a message that does not represent you.

If you are wearing hijab against your choice, it is your obligation to tell the world your story. It is your obligation as well to make other people who are faced with the same hardships feel that they are NOT alone.

- Blog with us: through email, or by replying to this post. Specify which name you would like to use, be it a nickname, full name, or simply "anonymous"!

- Invite your friends, family, and fellow "Hijab is a Choice" believers.

- Send us links, book titles, and articles that relate to our cause.

- Help turn this blog into a nohijab Eutopia for all of us.

*Currently accepting: Arabic, English & Indonesian.

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